Festival information

How to submit

Submit a movie to Blacksphere festival is possible only via FilmFreeway:


For more information about how to submit visit Blacksphere festival profile on FilmFreeway and follow the instructions step by step.

English subtitles

Each film submitted to Blacksphere film festival must contain English subtitles (even if the movie is English spoken), as we are an international festival and we will target the online part of the festival also outside of English-speaking countries, where not everyone understands the English language perfectly. It would also be nicer for disabled persons to see visible text.

Therefore, English subtitles are required even if the movie is spoken in English. (Preferably embedded subtitles in the movie. Or less preferably .srt file or .vtt but we are able to handle .txt as well.) Delivery of English subtitles is part of the rules of our festival. Since providing ENG subtitles is strictly in Blacksphere rules, submitted movies will not be included in Blacksphere main competition for prizes if submitters fail to deliver us English subtitles. But it is not going to be disqualified, it is still going to be streamed for the Blacksphere online part for 7 days (if chosen) and according to the number of views and quality it still can make it to the final live event.

Only exceptions are movies without dialogues.

It is possible to make english subtitles for your movie. If you are interested in this service, please contact us via [email protected]

Screening Avenue

Crayfish valley – where Tančírna is situated – is the most magical place in the Czech Republic right in the heart of the deep woods and mountains of Rychlebsko. It is a quiet and breathtaking place full of healing nature and vibrating life. Spending a few days in this magical place will leave you relaxed and full of energy.


Hotel Isolde

In a festival area there is newly reconstructed Hotel Isolde providing accomodation in the form of modern rooms, log cabins and small cottages. Isolde hotel also provides wellness, massages, sauna and spa procedures to keep you relaxed and happy. Within the hotel area is also a swimming pool, restaurant, sport courts, horse ranch and camping area with a big fireplace and grill.

Hotel Isolde

Tent Village

For Blacksphere festival 2022 we are also preparing accommodation in the form of a tent village. More information will be added during spring 2022.


Accommodation is also available in the nearest town Javorník 3 km far from the festival area in hotels, pensions or apartments. Just check Booking in this area or Airbnb.


By train

Train stop: Javorník ve Slezsku

It is approximately 3 km from the Blacksphere festival area. 

By bus

Bus stop: Javorník, Račí údolí rozcestí

It is approximately 1500 m far from the Blacksphere festival area. 

By car

It is a half an hour ride from Jeseník. From Wroclaw it is approximately a 2 hours ride.


Free parking is possible in the Blacksphere area. Isolde also has free parking places for hotel guests.

Check the map below for more information.