Meet the team

We are happy to be part of the Blacksphere festival and most importantly we are here for you. Maybe you have an extra question you did not find here or maybe you just want to say hello. Anything is fine. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Marie Krajplová

Festival director

Marie Krajplová is an artist, director, and screenwriter who is concerned with the impact technologies have on the formation of human thinking and perception of the world. The main theme of her work is the technical and technological image under the influence of its own times. Very often, she works with the book form and with the animated film. Her works were exhibited at Designblog Prague, at the National Gallery in Delhi, or at Klementinum, and her photographic and bibliophilic editions of books are represented in several world collections. In her projects, she combines art, thinking and play. These values were also the foundation for the establishment of Binary code s.r.o. in support of the arts and of the Blacksphere festival.

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Marcela Drobná

Festival manager

Marcela Drobná is an animator and illustrator who loves everything creative in classical but also experimental ways. After successful graduation in the animation field in Multimedia Art school with short film Bardo she makes her living as an animator creating own independent animation movies from time to time. She manages the Blacksphere festival with passion and love and enjoys communicating with you. Currently cooperating with Binary code s.r.o., National Czech Television, Wavevision s.r.o. and so on.

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Zdeněk Jurčík

Festival assistant

Zdeněk Jurčík is a musician. Over the years, he played with the bands Monika Načeva, Letní Kapela, LVMEN, Tomáš Palucha, U-Bahn, Umakart, Bombers, Priessnitz, where he played the drums, samplers, and synthesizers. Together with the Kafka Band, he collaborated with the director Alexander Riemenschneider, the writer Jaroslav Rudiš, Jaromír 99, Dušan Neuwerth, and others, on the musical, theatrical, artistic adaptation of Kafka’s The Castle and America. He is the dramaturg of the cultural monument Tančírna, where he contributed to the live part of the Blacksphere festival, for which he oversees the musical aspect.